About Us

YANKEL’S DEMOLITION AND RUBBISH REMOVAL is the gold standard in demolition and waste management. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company headquartered in Brooklyn, and serving the Tri State area. Yankel’s received a Buildzoom score of 104, placing us in the top 10th percentile of nearly 80,000 contractors nationwide. Look us up on Buildzoom.com under Atweek, Inc. Also read about us in our recent feature article in the Business Talk section of AMI Magazine.

Yankel’s was founded in 1999 by Yehoshua Werzberger with only a small Ford Pick-up truck and a big vision. The Pick-up has since been replaced with an impressive fleet of trucks and mobile machinery; the big vision is still here. As is the personal touch. Having done all the leg work as he started and grew his business, Yehoshua has intimate knowledge of the work involved in every division of the company. Now at the helm of a full-service corporation and running one of the largest waste management facilities in the New York region, Yehoshua is still actively involved in every project.

Distinguished from other companies in the industry, Yankel’s owns all of its trucking and heavy equipment resources. This, combined with the efficiency of our professional demolition crews, affords Yankel’s the ability to place the most competitive bid on any project. And with our in-house teams for engineering and expediting, estimating, site safety and a full time repair and maintenance shop, and rounded out by a competent and courteous office staff, we have the skill and experience to bring any size project to completion on time, safely and cost effectively.

Mandatory comprehensive training in industry and safety techniques keeps our crews on the cutting edge. To ensure every project goes as planned, we use only the latest technology and most dependable machinery.

YANKEL’S offers a broad range of excavation and demolition services for all types of residential, commercial and industrial structures, including homes, stores, warehouses and institutional facilities. Our services include:


Our professional site work teams are experienced in land clearing, excavation, drainage systems and concrete work.

Rest assured that we can fully meet your project needs and budget.

Through our work at numerous high-profile projects throughout the New York region we have gained a reputation for excellence and safety. From the most delicate structural separations to the most challenging industrial decommissioning, the industry turns to Yankel’s for complex or critical projects. With value engineering, our industrial designers can trim days or even weeks off of an overall project schedule, thereby helping our clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Architects, general contractors and builders/developers partner with our Residential and Interior Demolition Division for environmental and demolition service of their interior commercial, residential and smaller commercial projects. At Yankel’s, every client’s project is our most important, regardless of size or contract value.

Going Green may be the buzz word of the century; at Yankel’s, it’s the way we do business. Yankel’s prides itself in maintaining Eco-Friendly business practices. We strategize on how to minimize the environmental impact the excavation process can have on the surrounding environment and take careful measures to ensure that all materials and debris are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner, and in accordance with governmental guidelines. Yankel’s separates scrap for re-use thereby reducing disposal costs and minimizing our carbon footprint.

TRANSPORTATION RESOURCES ARE FUNDAMENTAL for the efficiency of a demolition project. The speed with which a building is taken down is inconsequential when debris is allowed to accumulate and choke off the flow of traffic onsite. Yankel’s fleet of site-dedicated service trucks ensures that our clients’ projects are productive and safe.

SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE CONCERN. Yankel’s abides by all local, state and federal safety regulations. Our extensive safety regimen exceeds the existing OSHA guidelines. We design a site-specific safety plan for each project, and site workers undergo orientation as to proper safety practices prior to the commencement of work.

The list of projects by Yankel’s, both in progress and successfully completed, is extensive. We have excellent references from our satisfied clients. Contact us for a current list of active and completed projects and references.